Metal Capsule Filler Semi Automatic – 100 capsules


For filling 100 capsules at a time – This machine will separate capsules before filling so you can use Joined capsules.

This machine comes with a capsule loader that loads the capsules (orients them into the machine the right way up) allowing you to fill capsules up to 10 times faster. High quality FDA approved and GMP approved machine

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The advantage of our capsule filling machine.

  1. Raw material is imported acrylic which is healthy, good transparency, durable, low weight.
  2. The screws & pins are made of stainless steel and meet the hygiene requirement GMP standards.
  3. The cap sheet adopt one-layer design and polished angles to prevent bleeding.
  4. The middle sheet adopt special flute design of high precision, which can avoid the breakage of capsules when joining them.
  5. The body sheet adopt the specially-dealt screws and springs, which can make no noise when pressing downwards. The detachable and undetachable body sheet is optional.
  6. The encapsulation sheet adopt special design, which can incerease the speed of capsules collection.
  7. The tamping tool is design to one-layer ,angles and pins being polished.
  8. The powder guard with a U-design powder guard to avoid loss of powders.

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