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L-glutamine is the most prevalent amino acid in the bloodstream. It is found in high concentration in skeletal muscle and in lung, liver, brain, and gastrointestinal tissues. Skeletal muscle contains the greatest intracellular concentration of L-glutamine, comprising up to 60 percent of the body’s total L-glutamine stores, and muscle is the primary storage depot and exporter of L-glutamine to other tissues. However, the gastrointestinal tract is the greatest user of L-glutamine in the body because it provides the primary fuel for the nutrient-absorbing cells that line the walls of the small intestine.*

Various stress factors – such as trauma, infection, malnutrition, chemotherapy, injury, and high level training – can impact the normal function of the enterocytes of the small intestine by adversely affecting their absorption mechanism. For example, when gut permeability is impaired it can allow large protein molecules to diffuse across the intestine – that would otherwise not – and enter into the bloodstream. The body can identify these large protein molecules as foreign and initiate an immune reaction against them, which can result in the development of food allergies. In numerous animal studies, in which hyperpermeability of the intestine is experimentally induced, the addition of L-glutamine improved permeability function, as well as the gut’s immune function.*

Under certain circumstances the body’s tissues need more L-glutamine than the amount consumed in the diet and internal production.* In times of metabolic stress, L-glutamine is released from the muscles into the bloodstream, where it is transported to the tissues in need.* But L-glutamine concentration in the skeletal muscles is affected by various insults, including injury, infection, chronic stress, malnutrition, and glucocorticoid use. Research indicates L-glutamine supplementation can offset these conditions.*

In addition, as noted above, evidence suggests supplemental L-glutamine benefits gastrointestinal health and supports wound healing, immune health, and nutrient support for individuals undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.*

L-Glutamine Powder is NSF Certified for Sport®

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