Betaine Anhydrous 125 gm Powder – aka TMG



            TMG is useful for the body as a methyl donor.  In addition, it has other uses when broken down into DMG and glycine, or transformed into SAMe or other compounds such as methionine.  Let us discuss a few of these.

              A powerful and safe methyl donor.  TMG easily donates three methyl groups to the body.  Methyl groups (CH3) are required in millions of biochemical reactions in human and animal bodies.  Here are just a few of the best studied examples:

1. Lowering homocysteine.  Homocysteine is an amino acid that, in excess, is irritating to the arteries and is strongly associated with inflammation and hardening of the arteries.  In fact, the level of homocysteine correlates much better with heart disease than the level of cholesterol.

Doctors are beginning to realize this important link.  High homocysteine occurs when there is not enough TMG or folic acid to donate enough methyl groups.  There can be other causes, but this is the major cause.  As explained earlier, a deeper cause for this is the presence of mercury and copper toxicity, which are almost universal.  However, the problem can be solved with a diet high in TMG and folate, or a TMG or folate supplement.  One does not need both in most cases.

High homocysteine, however, causes many other problems.  It causes a deficiency of methionine, and this, in turn, can cause a deficiency of SAMe, causing depression in some people.  Methionine is also needed for other biochemical reactions involving protein synthesis, another critical body function.  In fact, reducing excessive homocysteine helps with conditions ranging from osteoporosis and birth defects to cancer and aging.  It also helps with antioxidant protection, as well.

2. Helping with liver detoxification.  Methyl groups are absolutely essential for the Phase 2, P450 liver detoxification pathway.  Within this critical biochemical sequence of events, fat-soluble or otherwise poorly soluble toxins that are difficult for the liver to remove are joined to a methyl group, and this helps prepare them for removal from the body.  This is an amazing and vital chemical detoxification ability.  In MOST people, it does not work well due living in a very toxic world.

Specifically, the methylation reactions enables toxins to become much more soluble in water.  This allows the body to remove the toxins much better, and it often neutralizes some of their toxic properties, as well.  These toxins include all of the toxic metals in many forms and compounds, as well as hundreds of toxic chemicals.  Much more could be written about this amazing system and how critical it is today for our health.  This is one of the main benefits of TMG supplementation, I believe.

3. Alleviating depression.  TMG increases the body’s natural production of SAMe or S-adenosyl methionine.  This chemical can help reduce depression, in some cases.  SAMe is an expensive supplement, and a more yin supplement, which is not good.  It appears to be far better to just take TMG.

4. Reducing the chances of diabetes.  Methyl groups are involved in insulin release and insulin activity.  When the body does not have enough active methyl groups, diabetes is much more likely to arise.

5. Avoiding genetic problems.  Methyl groups are needed for protein synthesis, also called biosynthesis.  This is the copying of our genetic code from the DNA to RNA, and then from there the synthesis or formation of every chemical in our bodies.  The copying of the DNA is also called genetic transcription.

Without enough TMG, biosynthesis can slow down, telomeres can shorten, and genetic errors, also called transcription errors, multiply, and health is definitely worse.

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