Practitioner Portal

 This is your portal!!!!

Imagine if you sold a supplement that your clients could only purchase from you. Now also think about the number of customised formulas you could create-Pyrrole primers, B6 and Zinc capsules. We can even make 32.33mg Zinc Capsules if requested. We have access to all types of products and we also take requests. Iodoral-like Capsules, D-ribose, GABA powder, 5-HTP and Indole-3-carbinol.

This portal was designed to help the practitioners that are constantly getting frustrated by the practitioner only companies that seem to be selling to almost everyone. This portal allows you to create Custom Vitamin/Nutritional supplements aswell as our range of ingredients, capsules or mixtures.

If you are happy with our label and just want the patient to receive their medications directly and pay us directly you can fill out our NUTRITIONAL ORDER FORM and fax/email it in to us.


We are pharmacists and we always ensure there are no interactions and the receiver (Your patient) gets as much information as possible.


Custom make your own nutritional supplements and we will print a label with your details on it to retain customers.

Custom make your own nutritional supplements 

We never send the invoice or prices to the customers, so you can charge your fee on top of the cost of goods.

Useful information for Practitioners

Pfeiffer Information Primers and Promoters

Excipients used in supplements list




Malic Acid – Fibromyalgia